Martin Ericson

Experienced software developer with both architectural and construction knowledge. He has a deep and broad technical knowledge and interest, and can quickly familiarize himself with new application and technology environments. Martin works well in team and have good social skills. Martin has a broad and deep knowledge of object-oriented programming and has been developing since 2000.


Object-oriented programming, Scalability, Databases, Web and mobile development, Server architecture, Distributed systems, Cloud computing, E-commerce, Business development


Ruby, Nodejs, Python, PHP


Ruby on Rails, Express, Django, Socket.IO


GraphQL, React, React-native, NGINX, git, Elasticsearch, Docker, Sentry, Datadog, supervisor, LESS/Sass, ZeroMQ


AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Linode, Joyent, Heroku


  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate


Linux (Ubuntu, Debian), OSX, SmartOS (Solaris), Windows


PostgreSQL/MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite


CEO, DotLoyalty - MAR. 2017 - Present

The base of any business is its bread and butter: the customers. Assuring the continued satisfaction of each and every customer, creates sustainability and long-term profitability.

Making sure your customers are rewarded for loyalty, retained when something might have been an issue and engaged to build a better future together, that’s DotLoyalty.

Backend Developer, Hemnet - SEP. 2015 - Present

Implemented a new parallel search backend for Hemnets property search. The design was inspired by the OSI model in that we utilize layers to represent the different stages. Also worked closely with our mobile development team to replace the old legacy REST api with a new public GraphQL API.

CTO, VIMY - AUG. 2014 - SEP. 2015

Vimy is an job search app. I lead a team of 4 developers. Built the backend service of the app/web in node.js with mongoDB running on EC2. Learned react-native and replaced our older app built in Ionic


Senior Developer at Creddly AB

Creddly was a social shopping app for both iOS and Android. I was in charge of replacing an older backend API with a new backend designed as multiple services (media server, product scraper, app/web api, manager, analytics) built in node.js with mongoDB/redis as database. Set up with a no single point of failure architecture across multiple EC2 instances

CTO at Creddly AB

Got promoted to CTO and got in charge of all tech at Creddly

Co-founded Give AB

Creddly pivoted to become a social gifting app with 10,000 users. We raised 2.1M SEK via FundedByMe and focused on building a B2B gifting service which is as seamless and great for both company and consumer. We currently (June 2015) have 45 partners using the service. Built with the same technology as Creddly but with every service running in their own container with Rocket running across multiple EC2 data centers

CEO & FOUNDER, DEVBOX – 2010 – JUN. 2013


I started Devbox in 2010 as an consultant firm focusing mainly on web/iOS development, we grew to 6 employees and were later acquired by Return Great AB in 2012


While running Devbox we had a lot of different ideas we wanted to try out ourselves and Stampr is one of those ideas. The idea was to centralize all your loyalty and punch cards in your mobile. I was in charge of developing the location based backend service. I sold my shares in 2013 due to different views on how to run things. Stampr got 3M SEK in funding

Return Great AB

After being acquired by Return Great in 2012 i joined the company as CTO. Our idea was that we developed a clients idea and returned a great product. We were also in charge of some of ComHem and Mekonomens's internal employee bonus systems


Developing Aurathon’s own product named Spiritling in CodeIgniter with MySQL and redis. Spiritling was a social gaming platform where you could buy PC games and resell them as an affiliate to other gamers earning points which unlocked more games. Spiritling got 4M SEK in funding


Paradox Interactive

In charge of the Paradox Website and various sites of games we published. Developed our own CMS using CodeIgniter (PHP) and MySQL running on multiple apache nodes behind a nginx load balancer


When i first started working on a Paradox Interactive project named GamersGate as a sole developer they were running a custom built Joomla-template as a digital store and distribution platform for PC games which wasnt ideal. I replaced that platform with a custom built one (CMS, CRM, Analytics + Statistics) written in CodeIgniter (PHP) and MySQL. GamersGate sales totaled 15M SEK in 2008 running my platform


While learning PHP i built my own web based (text) aRPG game which grew to 15,000 users (1,500 concurrent players) in a week. Had to shut it down shortly after launch because I was suspended from my small web hotel due to too much traffic and since I was only 15 at the time and had no source of income, I could not afford to rent any servers


Martin is simply put a brilliant guy. He can pick up new skills and utilize them efficiently in an extremely short amount of time. No challenge is too big for Martin, once the objective is set Martin will struggle through anything and blaze a path through whatever problem is obstructing him.

Martin is a vivid but valid communicator, with great social skills and a sublime intelligence where he sees problems and avoids them in development long before they've become problems. Martin can be trusted to accomplish difficult tasks on his own, and excels in team-work.

I highly recommend Martin as a co-worker, partner, and wish him the best of luck in his future business. Martin is one of those guys who will reach the top, no doubt about it.

Thomas Avasol - Solutions Architect at AWS

I have worked with Martin on a recent project and can highly recommend his skills when it comes to programming and delivering high quality results in accordance with set specifications.

Martin also has a professional and humble approach that makes working with him a good time.

Jon Wingård - CEO Omnicore & MyActive